Oh, hi! I’m Sara.



I’m an author, artist, tarot reader-teacher-scholar, and (somewhat irreverent?) spiritual companion.

I support others on their journey of self-understanding by helping them explore their stories & connect to something deeper.


Some of my work:

Co-Author, The Nomad Guide to the Tarot (Second Edition)

Creator of Tarot Ecosystems and the monthly horoscopes based on them.

Creator of Sweet/Nothing poetry-based oracle deck and other provisions for a thoughtful life.

Ongoing project: Naming the Moon


“Hare Moon / She Who is Without Shame” linocut print in yellow ochre by Sara Galactica (2019).


We all have access to wisdom.

The tricky thing is, many of us have learned to ignore or second-guess our intuition— if we can hear it at all. Our daily lives are full of responsibilities and distractions that make it difficult to connect to the deepest part of ourselves. Plus dominant western culture has about as much time for life’s grey areas as I have for under-chilled martinis.

To make matters worse, many of us have learned to spend so much time hiding from the parts of ourselves that don’t fit into the mainstream that we become convinced there’s something wrong with us. We start to question our path. Start to feel lost and ashamed. Start to think that we’ve missed our chance. We begin to believe that our gifts can’t be trusted.

I call bullshit.

Your story is important. The joys, the trauma, the mistakes, the failures, the triumphs. All of it. Maybe deep down you know that. Maybe you’ve forgotten your worth. I’m here to help you remember.

If you’re in need of an occasional or ongoing guide to help you navigate life’s crossroads and find personal practices that nurture feelings of connection and clarity, I’m your gal.