Hi! I'm Sara Holodnick (aka Sara Galactica).


I’m a writer and creatrix who encourages others to examine and shape their own stories through reflection and creation. But my experience is probably not what you'd expect.

Who's that girl?

In a nutshell: I do a lot of stuff. I'm a writer, cocktail developer, entrepreneur, event organizer, tarot reader, artist, creator, creative schemer, teacher, and and and... I struggled for a long time with how to hold all of these pieces of myself as true. I felt like I was tugging at strings leading in opposite directions.

But what I slowly realized was that I was really holding one string that led me to many opportunities. This through line of my work is a love of stories. Whether I'm making cocktails inspired by a favorite songwriter, reading tarot for a person navigating change in their life or organizing a community event, I'm passionate about the ways we share and receive stories. 

You are Story

Each of us holds a collection of stories-- we bring them with us wherever we go. They're how we make sense of our lives and the world around us, helping us remember moments of joy or allowing us to find the ground in the midst of upheaval. We witness beauty and tragedy and synthesize those experiences into beginnings, middles and ends.

We absorb it all into part of our own narrative, and when we share our stories with others we are able to weave a collective story and find truth. 

But sometimes we get stuck in stories that are unhelpful, and we need perspective to see through the fictions we’ve created. We might find ourselves in need of breaking away from old stories that no longer serve us. That's where I come in: Offering opportunities and tools to others to help break out of old narratives and write new ones.