April 2019: Intuitive Tarot Workshop


Join Sara for an afternoon of hands-on tarot exploration grounded in your own experience and inner wisdom.


When: Saturday, April 20th: 1pm-5pm

Where: The Happy Place (1215 Cornwall Avenue Suite 101, Bellingham)

What would it feel like to trust yourself?

Tarot is a sacred tool that anyone can use for self-reflection, but mystical tools don’t need to be so… Mysterious. In fact, the cards tend to offer their most profound insights when we trust ourselves to see our own stories reflected in them.


This workshop grounds the wisdom of the tarot in your own intuition.


Not only will you develop a relationship with the cards, but you will also deepen— or begin— a trusting relationship with your own inner-wisdom.


This workshop is suitable for open-minded tarot learners of any background, but it will be especially helpful for you if:

  • You’re drawn to the tarot but have never read before— or have tried but feel intimidated by the cards.

  • You have a deck (or ten… or more!) at home, but feel dependent on books or Google searches whenever you sit down for a reading.

  • You feel like you have a decent understanding of tarot’s “book meanings,” but get bogged down or overwhelmed during readings.

  • You’re looking for new ways to deepen your understanding of the cards, or want to develop more confidence to read for others.

  • You want to open the door to your intuition, but are also a little nervous (or even scared) about what you might discover.

Please note: Participants must be at least 18 years of age.


during this workshop you will:

  • Create community as you explore the Major and Minor Arcana through hands-on activities, discussion, and reflection. 

  • Develop self-trust and confidence by practicing your ability to read the cards, prioritizing intuition over memorization. 

  • Learn about asking good questions, how to choose and navigate tarot spreads, and how to create spreads.

  • Quiet your mind and center your being in (non-religious) ceremony and contemplation.

Praise for past workshops:

Thank you so much for this class. After taking it, I immediately went out and bought a deck I felt drawn to, and started doing easy 4 card readings for myself and my husband about an upcoming life event... It really shows me my intuitive practice can be enough just as I am, with all the things I bring to it myself. I would highly recommend this class for anyone with a slight knowledge of the Tarot who really wants to delve into some intuitive practice for themselves and others.
— Stephanie O.
I love your approach to tarot... You did a phenomenal job of creating a peaceful and nurturing space.
— Courtney H.
The part of the workshop I most judged in advance as being unnecessary, the guided meditation, was sincerely life-altering and profound... My entire concept of and relationship with [this card] has been altered, righted, and magnanimously infused by the vision I experienced.
— Meta B.

What’s included:

  • A pre-workshop lesson with an activity to get you in the groove, and resources to ensure that we’re all on the same page (sent digitally via email on April 15).

  • A four hour, in-person workshop in Bellingham, WA. Printed materials and light refreshments provided. Registration is capped to foster an intimate setting that supports sharing.

  • Three post-workshop lessons including special spreads and prompts to support your tarot practice, delivered digitally via email.

  • Exclusive invitations to tarot meet-ups and early registration access for future workshops.


About Sara


Sara Holodnick (aka Sara Galactica) is an author, artist, and tarot reader, teacher and scholar.

Sara is the creator of the Sweet/Nothing Oracle deck and the co-author of The Nomad Guide to the Tarot (2nd edition). Sara teaches in-person and online workshops and offers original monthly horoscopes based on her Tarot Ecosystems


Sara is committed to fostering an inclusive environment regardless of participants’ racial or ethnic background, age, physical ability or body size, gender expression or sexual orientation, etc. By participating in this class, you acknowledge that you are committed to the same.

Register Now

Price: $125 per person

Early bird registration has expired.

You may pay in full or choose to make a $55 deposit to secure your spot— the price is the same regardless. If you choose to apply a deposit, the remainder will be charged to the credit card provided on Monday, April 15.



Scholarships: A limited number of reduced-price registrations are available for those who wish to participate but cannot afford the full fee. Email Sara to request the discount.

Cancellations: If you need to cancel before April 1, you will be refunded all but $55 of your registration fee. I am unable to offer refunds after April 1st. If this class must be canceled, you may choose to apply your fee to a future class or receive a full refund.


space is limited

Registration closes Sunday, April 14 at 5PM.