Tarot Sessions

Tarot is a collection of meaningful symbols that offer the ability for us to check our assumptions, process a moment of transition, get a fresh perspective, validate our intuition, and/or connect to something deeper inside us.

A tarot session can be a great way to better understand yourself and what you bring to this world. Effective, useful tarot sessions require trust, and I take that trust seriously. ❤︎ You can learn more about how I honor this by reading my Code of Ethics.

In-person tarot sessions are offered at my office in Bellingham, Washington. Distance readings are available to anyone anywhere and can be performed via voice, video (Skype/Zoom), email or letter.

Use the schedulers below to book an in-person or voice/video session, or scroll purchase a letter or email reading.

In-Person Appointments

Distance Appointments

Distance Readings: Letter or Email

Products coming soon. Email hello @ saragalactica.com if you’d like to arrange a letter or email reading in the meantime.

Don’t see a time or type of appointment that works for you? Get in touch to make special arrangements.