Distance Readings

I love all sorts of readings, but as a writer, distance readings are some of my most favorite.

I’m currently offering my proprietary Tarot Chart readings sent via email, or pithy two-card readings sent via email or post.


Two-Card Reading

Two cards may not seem like much, but these blended readings— incorporating one tarot card and one card from my Sweet/Nothing Oracle deck— are full of wisdom and insight.

This is my process for two-card distance readings:

  • During checkout you’ll submit an open-ended (non yes-or-no) question. This can be anything, from addressing a specific area of your life to the all-encompassing “What wisdom do I need right now?” You can find more about asking effective questions here.

  • When I sit down to complete your reading, I’ll create sacred space and allow myself a moment to focus on your question. I shuffle and prepare my decks and pull a card from each.

  • Then, I write. And write. And probably write some more. I’ll use my intuition to offer a meaningful response to your question, complete with a bit of wisdom to ponder to help you synthesize the insight of your reading into your life.

  • If you’ve requested an email reading I’ll send a photo of your cards and what I’ve written directly to your inbox.

  • If you’ve requested a post reading, I’ll send you my keepsake handwritten notes (and sometimes doodles) via USPS and email you the photo of the cards I pulled.

Two-Card Reading
from 33.00

Two-card readings are $33 via email and $35 via post, and are sent out within 72 hours of your order (remember to allow extra time for delivery via snail mail).

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Tarot Chart Reading

Illuminate your path and purpose with my exclusive Tarot Chart reading. These readings are similar to astrological charts in that they are devised using your birth data (date and time).

But instead of planets, signs and houses, my Tarot Chart includes you the cards associated with your birth, as well as the cards that symbolize the life lessons and quests you’ve met with each year of your life so far.

Your tarot chart will give you insight into your life by exploring your path, gifts, growth cycles, and recurring lessons of your life— empowering you to see the beauty of your story and the strength of your particular superpowers.

This in-depth, custom reading will include:

  • The names and lessons of your birth cards, specifically tailored to show your unique path and special gifts.

  • An overview of the cards you’ve encountered so far as they relate to your growth and development.

  • Consultation about the cards that represent your previous, current, and next year (through the year following your next birthday), particularly as they relate to the path and gifts outlined by your birth cards.

Tarot Chart Reading

Tarot Chart readings include a beautifully designed 3-page chart and analysis tailored specifically to you, delivered as a PDF via email the morning of your 30-minute session (phone/Zoom/Skype).

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Gift certificates

Wish to gift a loved one a distance reading? Purchase a gift certificate to be delivered to them via email or post!

Gift Certificate
from 33.00

Choose the type of reading you’d like to gift. PDF readings are sent via email and physical readings are sent via post.

Note: The Certificate Delivery type you choose is how your recipient will receive the gift certificate itself (via email or post).

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