A Brand New Approach to Horoscopes: How to Determine your Tarot Birth Card and Ecosystem

I’ve mentioned before that I’d been working to develop a new, tarot-centered approach to horoscopes. This fresh take isn’t meant to replace astrology: I want my offerings to compliment the wisdom found by contemplating the cosmos.

But to read my horoscopes, you’ll need to do one piece of very simple math to get to one of your tarot birth cards: A card I’m calling your Target. This math is addition-only, phone-calculator friendly, and you already know the numbers you need to add (your birthdate). But first:


What is a Target birth Card?

Find your tarot birth card to read my one-of-a-kind horoscopes.
Birth Card Worksheet.png

I’ll be teaching more about birth and year cards in an upcoming online course, but what you need to know to begin with is that it’s my reinterpretation of the traditional tarot Personality birth card (your personality characteristics).

From a psychological perspective, this card indicates your persona or identity (like an astrological Sun sign), and from a soul-centric perspective I would frame this as the aspirations of your higher self-- or what you are learning to become.

Therefore, your Target birth card indicates your actual and aspirational identity. I’ve reinterpreted this card as asking: Who am I becoming?*

So this Target is the point we're aiming at throughout our lives. There are lots of ways to get there-- and plenty of gifts we bring to aid our journey-- but this archetype helps offer us a point of focus. If we can remember our Target, we can make better decisions that serve our journey. 

*On “becoming”: This is purposefully broad. A tarot card isn’t going to seal your fate-- you have agency and power. Another way to think of the Target Card is as an anchor for your ship when you start to feel lost in the open sea. You’re still steering, but this archetype can ground you back to your Self.

How to Find Your Target

To find your Target card you’ll want to do this bit of very simple math:

Birth Month + Birth Day + Birth Year = Four-Digit Number

For example: Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961.

8 + 4 + 1961 = 1973

Now we add each of those digits together: 1 + 9 + 7 + 3 = 20. This means that President Obama’s Target card is Judgement.

  • If the number is 21 or below, stop there. This is your Target card.

  • If the number is 22, this corresponds with The Fool (2 - 2 = 0).

  • If the number is greater than 22, add those two digits together. For example: 46 would be 4 + 6 = 10 (The Wheel). That number is your Target card.

Use the list of Major Arcana cards below to find out the name of your Target card.

I know that some of the traditional names of these Major Arcana cards can be a little scary on their face, but you need to remember one very important thing: None of these cards are “bad” or less desirable. They are all important and complex in their own ways, and their meanings and personal relevance depends on how aware we are of their potential gifts and how we use them.

Make note of your number and card:

0 or 22: The Fool

1: The Magician

2: The High Priestess

3: The Empress

4: The Emperor

5: The Hierophant

6: The Lovers

7: The Chariot

8: Strength*

9: The Hermit

10: The Wheel

11: Justice*

12: The Hanged Man

13: Death

14: Temperance

15: The Devil

16: The Tower

17: The Star

18: The Moon

19: The Sun

20: Judgement

21: The World

*Strength and Justice sometimes switch places depending on the deck. If you are using a deck that lists Justice as 8 and Strength as 11, go ahead and go with that if you’re more comfortable with this system.

I’ll be digging into these cards in-depth in my upcoming online course, but for now we’re going to take this one step further so you know which horoscope to read.


Angeles Arrien’s tarot constellations beautifully organized the 22 cards of the Major Arcana (and their minor arcana compliments— more on that another time) into elegant groupings.

I’ve reinterpreted these groups as ecosystems to encapsulate both the ways the cards within single groupings relate to each other, but also the ways they depend on other ecosystems. I’ve also given these ecosystems my own spin as far as their names and themes.

I’ll be getting more in-depth with the details of each ecosystem in my upcoming course, but for the purposes of your horoscope all you need to know is which of the nine Ecosystems your card belongs to.

Sara Galactica’s Tarot Ecosystems:

  1. Ecosystem of Will: Magician, Wheel, Sun (1, 10, 19)

  2. Ecosystem of Intuition: High Priestess, Justice, Judgment (2, 11, 20)

  3. Ecosystem of Creation: Empress, Hanged Man, World (3, 12, 21)

  4. Ecosystem of Trust: Emperor, Death, Fool (4, 13, 22/0)

  5. Ecosystem of Knowledge: Hierophant, Temperance (5, 14)

  6. Ecosystem of Union: Lovers, Devil (6, 15)

  7. Ecosystem of Initiation: Chariot, Tower (7, 16)

  8. Ecosystem of Hope: Strength, Star (8, 17)

  9. Ecosystem of Introspection: Hermit, Moon (9, 18)

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Sara Holodnick