December Horoscopes

Today’s new moon (December 6, 2018) begins a cycle that will bridge us from this calendar year to the next. I have written these horoscopes with the intention of bringing you messages that will help you come into your power during this lunation.

Remember: These horoscopes are written for each of my tarot ecosystems and The Collective (the global system we all live in).

Don’t know your ecosystem? It’s super easy to figure out using your birthdate. Follow these instructions to find out how.

Each ecosystem includes a horoscope and a set of prompts for journaling, reflection, creation, or just momentary pause and pondering. As always: Take what you need, leave the rest.

The Collective 

What we share.

May we empty the contents of this vessel. 
May every drop sink deep into the earth. 
May Her ancient layers filter what was poison. 
May the deep roots drink what is life.

May this cup stand empty and receptive, 
like our hands,
like our hearts. 

  • How could our world change if we prioritized what we actually want instead of what we think we should want? 

  • What freedom might you find in “emptying” yourself— of old beliefs, old patterns, old stories— to make room for the new?

  • What is distracting you from what you truly cherish?

The Ecosystem of Will 

The Magician, The Wheel, The Sun (1, 10, 19)

I kissed the flame and it consumed me. 
My eyes became embers. 
Sparks erupted from my fingertips. 
There’s no turning back.

With every breath I whisper the name of the divine. 
Every hope has become a prayer. 
All that I make, offerings. 
All that I share, blessings. 

  • What have you created through inspiration? 

  • How can you share your gifts? 

  • How might sharing your gifts make you feel more whole? 

Ecosystem of Intuition 

The High Priestess, Justice, Judgment (2, 11, 20)

I began with a beating heart. Then breath found me. 

I didn’t ask for air. I didn’t beg for blood. 

They were given. I accepted. 

  • How would your life change if you remembered that you started with all you need?

  • How do you practice gratitude? 

  • Who helps you see your fullness?

Ecosystem of Creation

The Empress, The Hanged Man, The World (3, 12, 21)

Grief delivered me. My wounds became a sacred salve. 

The fight I learned transmuted to grace when I held the battle as holy. 

I know the ground under my feet now. 

I can feel the power beneath me. 

I am ready. 

  • What wounds have/could become your power through your attention? 

  • How can you share your strength with the world?

  • What are you ready for? 

Ecosystem of Trust

The Emperor, Death, The Fool (4, 13, 22)

I am held.

I am held.

I am held. 

The light that radiates from within burns in colors those beloved to me can see. They hold me. 

The light that radiates from within is the result of my own relentlessness. My soul holds me. 

The light that radiates from within is brightest when I trust my place in the cosmos. Creation holds me. 

I am held. 

  • What have you accomplished that you haven’t fully celebrated? 

  • How has your inner-work brought you into alignment with the world around you? 

  • What could shift in your life if you started to acknowledge all of the ways you are safely held? 

Ecosystem of Knowledge

The Hierophant, Temperance (5, 14)

Laughter is my teacher.
I’ve learned how to pull it from others, reveled in it’s escape from my own lips. 

Laughter is my healer.
I feel myself restored when my joy erupts out of my pain. 

Laughter is my birthright.
I accept and share it freely.

  • How have you transmuted the sorrows and hardships of your life through humor? 

  • What could your life look like if you prioritized levity? 

  • What if joy is the point? 

Ecosystem of Union

The Lovers, The Devil (6, 15)

I have been standing at this gate for some time. 

My pack is heavy and I have traveled far. 

I told myself I would walk through. Imagined how it would feel to lay my burdens down and step forward. 

But my pack is heavy. And here I stand. 

  • What is keeping you from walking through the threshold into the next phase of your life? 

  • What needs to be cleared away so you can begin? 

  • What makes you feel strong? 

Ecosystem of Initiation

The Chariot, The Tower (7, 16)

Their fear does not belong to me.

Their delusion does not belong to me.

Their indecision does not belong to me.

Their weakness does not belong to me.

Their meekness does not belong to me.

  • If something is holding you back: Does the belief at its root belong to you, or is it something you adopted from someone else?

  • What conventions do you need to buck to come into your own now? 

  • How could your life look if you stood in the glory of your own truth? 

Ecosystem of Hope

Strength, The Star (8, 17)

I hold these truths to be self-evident:

That my humanity and value is equal to all others; 

That I am endowed by the cosmos and all creation with certain unalienable rights;

That among these rights are vitality, liberation, and the pursuit of my Truth. 

  • How might your life look if you truly embraced your path? 

  • What joy might you find in your own authenticity? 

  • What do you stand for? 

Ecosystem of Introspection

The Hermit, The Moon (9, 18)

Freedom doesn’t live on the other side of the fire. 
It feels far away because I expect it to be. 

Freedom doesn’t live in an unraveling heart. 
It feels hard to grasp because I have believed it is so. 

Freedom isn’t given. Freedom isn’t taken. 
My liberation lies in the depths of my imagination, in the boundlessness of my love, in the openness of my generosity. 

Let me be intoxicated by the sweetness of my sovereignty.

  • What can imagination open for you? 

  • How can you refill your reserves of hope? 

  • What might your life look like if you faced the fear that’s nagging you? 

Sara Holodnick