July Horoscopes

Below you’ll find horoscopes accompanied by questions for contemplation & creation for each Ecosystem and The Collective (what we share). You can view the cards these horoscopes were based on by scrolling to the gallery at the end of this post.

Don’t know your ecosystem? It’s easy to figure out using your birthdate. Follow these instructions to find out how. What are climates? Learn more about this (optional) layer if you want to dig in more.

As always: These words are an offering. Take what you need and feel no guilt in leaving the rest.

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What we share

We are already ancestors.

What could this world look like if

we acted like it? 

Hope and anger aren’t mutually exclusive. 

Do you ever stop to think about everything that had to happen to get you here? An entire universe had to come to being, a planet had to form around the right star, cells had to divide, organisms had to mutate. Millennia of ancestors walked through deserts and frozen tundra and rainforests, died in childbirth and battle, colonized & enslaved each other, passed their histories down through song and story, made art, found meaning in the stars, and somehow kept a species in existence. It’s hard to believe that any of them had any real concept of the future. I know I don’t. Not really. 

And yet here we are, together. Can you believe it? 

When I stop to think about it too hard it fills me with a mixture of such excitement and terror that it almost feels like I could sprout a universe in my lungs. It’s all so impossible. And yet.

Hope and anger aren’t mutually exclusive, and friends: I am deeply angry about the injustice I see.

I’m especially angry that the damage is done in the name of The Collective— and depending on who you talk to, only certain people qualify for membership. But we cannot cause harm to some and expect to mitigate it for the rest of us. This human sickness that hopes to oppress our way out of misery is no different than our forebearers who sacrificed each other to the gods. Here we are, waiting for a voice from the heavens to appeal to our better angels when the messages are booming through with every injustice we level at this planet, at each other.

So many of us figure that our actions aren’t really that big of a deal. I’m just one person, each of us may say. Surely one poor decision couldn’t cause harm that will ripple through generations.

And yet. 

So I ask you, kindred: What would our world look like if we took time to remember that we are each consequential? 

How would your relationships with family and friends and community members look if each person you encountered knew that their words and their actions had real consequence and meaning? How would these relationships look if YOU remembered that you were of enough value to be of consequence as well?

  • How can we teach ourselves— and each other— to look deeply at what brought us here? 

  • How can we teach ourselves— and each other— how to stare critically into our collective past and present and be honest? 

  • How can we teach ourselves— and each other— that we are already ancestors? 

  • Who are our teachers in this work? Who can help us understand and choose better?



You need permission to try like the Sun needs my permission to shine. 

It’s time to get on with it, love. You’ve been waiting long enough, trying to convince yourself that there’s some magic secret to getting it right. There isn’t any guarantee you get it right. What if getting it “right” isn’t the point?

The world needs your medicine. Stop hiding. 

  • What if you trusted yourself to burn brightly? 

  • What if you allowed others to follow your lead? 

  • How do you relate to your own brilliance? How do you embrace it? How do you hide from it? 



If you won’t listen to your own inner-knowing, who will? 

Your liberation requires you being at peace with your own wisdom. Your freedom to be who you were meant to is inextricably linked to hearing what you want and making choices— even small choices— based on that knowledge. 

I don’t mean to diminish that or make it sound easy. It isn’t. Hearing your own intuition requires practice and patience. Acting on it requires self-trust. But if you can’t trust yourself, how can you ask anyone else to? 

  • When do you feel most attuned to your inner-wisdom? 

  • What strategies or places help you quiet external noise and check-in with your intuition?

  • How are you helping others tune into their intuition? 



The choices you’re making now are as important in the present as they are to your future.

Whatever nourishment you can gain from creativity, seek it. Whatever solace you can find in pleasure, allow it. Whatever opportunities you have to make the most of the gifts you have been offered, seize them. 

If you find yourself in hardship, ask for support. You needn’t fight your battles alone. 

If you find yourself in joy, relish it. Guilt only serves oppression, and we need you to break free. 

  • What are you choosing? 

  • What are you fighting? 

  • How can you process your choices through pleasure? 



If you’ve been delaying a decision that would serve your heart, it’s time to act.

Disasterbating over potential outcomes only allows you to stay stuck in the drama of self-imposed beliefs that you lack the ability to make the right choice. That’s a tired story. There’s nothing exciting about being purposefully obtuse. There’s nothing thrilling about blaming outside forces or hiding behind victimhood. There’s nothing helpful about stoking fear in others. 

You may not feel ready to choose. You may be ready to choose but feel scared. You may have already chosen but not know how to surmount the obstacles you see. All of that is okay. Just be honest with yourself. The last thing you need is to lay your power at someone else’s feet. 

  • What identities or attachments do you cling to because of how you fear others might perceive you? 

  • How do you abdicate your sovereignty (self-authority)? 

  • How do you support others’ self-determination and agency? 



It’s time to soak up some self-compassion.

It’s time to turn to strategies that allow you to see yourself with love. It’s time to close the door on second-guessing. If you’re being honest with yourself, you know what you’re being called to. If you’re being honest with yourself, you know how you’ve been suffocating your own desires. If you’re being honest with yourself, you’ve already had the awakening you need to what’s required of you. 

It’s time to steep yourself in the love and compassion necessary to move beyond the voices that equate trying something new with being unsafe. You know what you need to feel safe. You know what you need to be stable. It’s time to start believing.

  • What are you being called to? 

  • What strategies do you have for treating yourself with love and compassion? If you don’t have any that work for you right now, who can help you find some new ones?

  • What are all the ways you are safe and steady enough to follow what you’re being called to? Make a list if you need to.



Carve out some space for grief. 

Build it an altar if you need to. 

Allow yourself the opportunity to acknowledge something you’ve lost. Give yourself a moment to honor what needed to be released. Take this opportunity to set something down that has become too heavy to carry. Reach out to your community, request assistance from your holy helpers. The grief doesn’t need to consume you— it needs to move through you. Allow it..

  • What have you been reluctant to grieve? 

  • Have you truly come to terms with a recent loss or transformation in your life? 

  • How might taking time to grieve help you or someone you love? 



It’s time to mother yourself. 

It’s time to nurture your inner-child in the ways adults couldn’t when you were growing up. 

It’s time to revisit your authentic self. Do you know who that self is? 

It’s time to inspect the foundations you built without even realizing that’s what you were doing. Are they sturdy, or do they need to be reinforced? 

It’s time to seek healthy expression with safe support. Do you know who can witness your truth without judgement?

No matter who you are or where you’ve found yourself, you have the ability to offer sanctuary to your inner-child. Allow yourself to know what they need. 

  • What can you do to nurture something in yourself that wasn’t nurtured (or was blocked by trauma) as a child? 

  • What did you know as a child that you are re-learning or reintegrating into your life? 

  • Who might help you claim an initiation you missed as a child? 



Find a spot outside.

It can be a tree, a park, a garden, a mountain, a river, a little patch of grass behind the parking lot at work. Choose a spot that’s easy to return to. Visit it more than once this moon cycle. If you can, go once each week until the next new moon. 

Each time you go, bask in the simple act of noticing, even if it’s just for five minutes to feel the sun on your cheeks, the breeze on your shoulders, the earth beneath your feet. Five minutes to hear the buzzing of insects, smell the exhaust of passing cars, hear the chatter of birds and children. 

You might take a photo or write in a journal. You might close your eyes and just allow yourself to be. Whatever you do, track the changes you witness each time you come back. Note how you feel before and after. 

Try saying hello when you arrive and thank you when you leave (even if your words are silent). Bring an offering if you are able, even if it’s a capful of water or a strand of your hair. Entertain the idea of being in conversation with the place. That’s what makes it sacred. 

  • What do you learn when you notice the natural world? 

  • What does the place you’re visiting make you feel? Write it a love note. 

  • How does being in conversation with nature help you remember that you are part of it? 


HERMIT, MOON (9, 18)

How do you define what is holy for you? Not theism. Not dogma. You don’t need to quote religious texts. This isn’t a quiz. 

What is your relationship to the sacred? Not other people’s rules. You don’t need to memorize ritual to explain this to me. I’m not asking for performance. 

What medicine might you find in connection to the divine? I’m not interested in how other people describe it. Divinity is yours to define. 

Congratulations: You are being invited to explore a new facet of your connection to spirit. Don’t get caught up in what you call it— just remember that it’s the presence of that connection that feeds your ability to create your life. 

If you aren’t in conversation with yourself about your own beliefs and assumptions, this is an opportunity to do so. If you’ve cut yourself off from all ties to the divine because others have abused their own, this is the opening for you to find connection and meaning. 

So I’ll ask again: 

  • How do you define what is holy for YOU?

  • What is YOUR relationship to the sacred?

  • What medicine might you find in connection to the divine (however you define it)? 

The Cards

Below are the cards each of the above horoscopes were based on. Decks: The Tarot of Transformation by Willow Arlena and Jasmin Lee Cori, and The Sweet/Nothing Oracle by lil’ ol’ me.

Sara Holodnick