June Horoscopes

Below you’ll find a shared horoscope for The Collective, intended for the lunation that began with last week’s new moon in Gemini.


“Sunlight through a hollow bone,” photo by Sara Galactica.


The Collective

I’m trying to hold the hard spaces. The rigid lines, the concrete slabs. They began as guardrails, kept me from careening into the abyss. I am thankful. 

I’m trying to hold the hard spaces. The sharp edges, the broken glass. It was whole until it wasn’t. Now there are pieces to be rearranged. I am thankful. 

I’m trying to hold the hard spaces. The cracking exterior, the shelter I sought in my own pride. It kept me from floundering in the rain. I am thankful. 

I’m trying to embrace what feels immoveable. Trying to be tender with my own rough edges and sharp sides. Show me where to plant them that they may soften into the earth.

Blessed ones, tell me: Is it safe to sit in solitude with my fences? How long do I have before these pickets turn to stone? 

Questions for journaling/creation/contemplation:

  • What past behaviors, experiences, traumas or successes need to be honored right now? How might I bless them as sacred?

  • What beliefs do I hold about myself? Which of these need bending?

  • What kind of healthy boundaries do I need to create?

  • What walls am I trying to build out of misplaced fear?

  • What practices help me face challenges? How can I incorporate these into my life when I feel steady so they are more readily available when I do not?

  • What am I learning right now? What am I curious about that I could learn more from?

  • How can I encourage healthy curiosity in my family, friends, and community?

  • What can joy teach me?

The Cards

I asked on my instagram stories if folks wanted to see the cards that the horoscopes are based on, and the votes were unanimously in favor! I didn’t want to confuse anyone who isn’t familiar with the cards themselves, so I figured it might be good to separate them out for now. I hadn’t planned on including them this time, so I didn’t snap any fancy photos like I usually would, but I’ll fix that next time. :)

When I set out to write this month’s horoscope, I had initially intended to do so for the Tarot Climates, which is why there are three sets of cards below. The Collective horoscope incorporated aspects of each of these drawings, but the influence of the cards are probably most noticeable in the reflection questions this time around.

Decks: The Herbcrafter’s Tarot - Artwork by Joanna Powell Colbert and written by Latisha Guthrie (US Games); Sweet/Nothing Oracle by me!

Sara Holodnick