October Horoscopes

I’ve officially been writing Tarot Ecosystem horoscopes for a year! This process has been such a gift for me as I’ve gotten to connect with you through your feedback and kind words. I’m honored that you read these, and blown away by the stories you’ve shared fo passing these in your office, reading them to friends during sacred ceremony, and looking to them for inspiration for your own art and writing. Thank you thank you thank you.

The best way I can think to honor this milestone is to share a horoscope for The Collective. I’ve written for each of the astrological signs this month as well if you’d like a little more, but I decided to follow my heart here. As always: Take what you need.

In recent weeks— as I’ve begun to feel the shift from my Wheel of Fortune year into my Justice year— I am seeing one word come up over and over again: Consequence. It’s shown up in readings, workshops, gatherings, and conversations. It’s crossed my mind while reading the news. But I’d like to begin by sharing what I’m taking with me from my Wheel year: 

Change is the only law. 

It can be unsettling. It can be scary. It can be exciting. But change IS, no matter what. I can’t help but think that the sacred path is the path of change. 

Change doesn’t have to be destructive. It doesn’t have to force us into submission. It doesn’t need to leave us broken before we can be whole, but deferring change all but guarantees such an outcome. Resisting change will not stop it. And, if we’re willing, we can find comfort in that truth. 

Wherever a leaf falls from a tree, a new leaf will grow in its place. So, the mother tree must push its own leaves, those little extensions of itself, from the branches so that life can continue.

If the earth is always doing what is necessary to keep the seasons, to keep going as is her custom, to keep creating and breathing life and dying and creating again, maybe we can do the same.

Maybe we can decide to let go of the things from the past season, to let our grief or our fears fall from our tired limbs and prepare us for a future birth.
— Kaitlin Curtice*

And here is where we see how one card prepares us for another. Change may be the only law, but it is also a choice to follow it. We choose to abide, or we choose to ignore. We choose to participate, or we choose to avoid. We choose to find our place within change, or it chooses on our behalf. 

All that you touch you Change. All that you Change Changes you. The only lasting truth is Change. God Is Change.
— Octavia Butler

Justice requires radical acceptance of personal consequence. To live in alignment with and learn from Justice, we must embrace our responsibility to turn with the Wheel of change.

So, if I may be so bold, I have a request. Find a scrap of paper (or create a new title for the phone alarm that wakes you up each morning). When you wake up, I’d like the first thing you see to be these words:

I am consequential. 

I mean it. Write/type that out where you will see it when you wake up.

Why? Because the choices you make matter. Your presence matters. The words you speak and the ones left unsaid matter. The work you do has an impact, on every level. Everything you touch changes. You can’t help but leave an imprint.

I’m saying all of this because it’s easy to forget. I think that most of us know, on some rational level, that our actions have consequences. But as a Collective we act as if nothing we do as individuals has any bearing on humanity at large. This behavior is delusional, it is unsustainable, and it leaves the majority of us vulnerable to the choices of those who accept and wield their power for their own gain because they (often correctly) bet that we figure there’s nothing to be done.

So, step one: You matter. Feel into that. Notice how believing that about about yourself shifts your interactions. Notice how believing the same about others changes your relationships. Allow yourself to experiment with this mantra, even if it’s just for a week.

Questions for reflection/creation/meditation/divination:

  • How often does your internal voice encourage you to speak and act from a place of impact, and how often does it belittle your influence?

  • Do you sit in judgment of yourself (or place blame on others) when you misstep, or do you take responsibility for your actions and learn how to adjust? What can change about how you react to failure when you remove self-judgment and shame?

  • How often do you seek convenient bandaids or radical changes to "fix" imbalance? Where can you instead adopt small, consistent behaviors that support building a balanced foundation that lasts?

* Recommended reading: “If the Earth Keeps Dying and Creating Again, Then Maybe We We Can Do the Same,” by Kaitlin Curtice, Sojourners.

Sara Holodnick