October Horoscopes

These horoscopes are written for each of my tarot ecosystems and The Collective: The global system we all live in.

Don’t know your ecosystem? It’s easy to figure out: Find out now.

These horoscopes have been prepared for the disseminating or balsamic moon. The moon calls on us to release as she does. As she prepares to slip into brief darkness, consider what it might mean for you to give yourself space to do the same.

I’ve included items of consideration within each horoscope that can be used for journaling, creation, meditation or simple contemplation. Gift yourself a sacred pause. Read, reflect, and release. Take what you need. Leave the rest.

Here we go:

October Horoscopes

Photo by  Annie Spratt  on  Unsplash

The Collective

What We Share


You have arrived at a precipice.

You carry so much with you. The choices of your ancestors, the unrealized dreams of your parents, the decisions made by leaders in your name, your own hopes and hang-ups.

You stand at a precipice. But the lie is that you stand alone. We stand here, together.

We have been called to this point to stare into the truths of Who We Thought We Were and see Who We’ve Become.

Our hearts ache. They should. We can see back further than anyone has ever seen before us. We can see broadly how we’ve arrived here for the first time in human existence.

Humanity has never had to hold a mirror to our collective truths in quite this way before. The reflection is ugly. The truth is heavy. We are the first to know all that we know. Our hearts ache in the knowing. They should.

Heartache is the proper response. Sorrow is healthy. We musn’t shy away from it.

But we have been called here to be honest about our reflection so that we may dream next of Who We Could Be. Because we stand here, together.

This is Our Work. It is the greatest work. But we did not start it, and it will not end with us.


What hard truths are you awakening to? How can you deepen your understanding of these truths?

What dreams do you have for Our future?

What what is your role in fulfilling these dreams?

The Ecosystem of Will

The Magician, The Wheel, The Sun (1, 10, 19)

My love, my love: You were always enough.

You can choose to believe you are small, or you can choose to believe that you deserve to take up space in this world.

You can choose to wield the power within to set yourself apart, or you can choose to use it to bring yourself closer to others.

Be intentional about what-- and who-- you bind yourself to.

After all: Our gifts are only as good as the communities they benefit. Our triumphs are only as vibrant as the people who help us overcome. Nothing is accomplished in a vacuum. Lonely power leads to isolation and corruption.

Our gifts are bigger than flat, hungry power.

Our gifts are round and full and potent.

Our gifts are enough.

They always have been.

They always will be.


How have you kept yourself small?

How can you take up more space?

How do you isolate yourself?

How can you better connect to others?

Ecosystem of Intuition

The High Priestess, Justice, Judgment (2, 11, 20)

Our dreams help us unearth a wealth of information locked away in our busy, conscious minds. They can show us what we want. They can show us what we fear. They can help us process something our waking mind isn’t prepared to deal with.

There are many ways to access this subconscious space.

Consider what clarity might come from succumbing to the subconscious wisdom accessible in the spaces of dreamtime, ritual and meditation.

Remember: The center of your strength lies in that deep well of wisdom.

Allow your intuition to know your objective. Aim the arrow. Release.


What have you seen in your dreams lately?

How might you enter into relationship with your subconscious?  

Ecosystem of Creation

The Empress, The Hanged Man, The World (3, 12, 21)

I have this memory from when I was probably 14 or 15 years old of picking dahlias from my mother’s garden. I plucked their little heads from their stems, tenderly carried them inside and floated them on the water in my bath. The tub itself wasn’t anything special, but I vividly remember the magical feeling of stepping into that water.

I read recently that the Aztec people used dahlias as a skin treatment for rashes and blemishes. Sometimes they would use it in water as a soak for tired feet.

I didn’t know this at the time. I didn’t have a book to reference. Wikipedia didn’t exist yet.

And yet.


I call on you to go back into your memories and think of similar moments. What did you know without knowing? Find a memory and consider what you might build from that gift of wisdom.

Ecosystem of Trust

The Emperor, Death, The Fool (4, 13, 22)

The task at hand is to remember that which supports you.

Your job right now is to remember the foundations beneath you.

Your focus must be to find your solid ground.

It may not feel possible. Chaos and unease makes us feel like we can’t get to equilibrium. But remember: Those who sow chaos and unease do so to make you think you feel the ground shake beneath you. Your imbalance is the point.

Your job is to say, “Not today.”

Your job is to proclaim:

Today I will ground into the earth. I will allow my confusion and fear and frustration to sink into the ground below me. I will lay my body down on the ground and I will remember that, if nothing else, it is a solid surface on which to stand. I will remember the work I have done to get here. I will call upon the clarity of easier days and remind myself that I can access this anytime I want. I am sovereign. And I choose solid ground.


Could it be that you’ve already built the foundation?

Could it be that the structure beneath you is sound?

What might life look like if you found peace in the building? If you found solace in what you’ve already built?

Ecosystem of Knowledge

The Hierophant, Temperance (5, 14)

Think of the ways you are loved.

Bring the faces of those who cherish you to mind. Consider all they have done to support you. All you have done to support them. Consider the lengths they would go to for your happiness.

Think of the finite time we have on this planet. You were born of the cosmos, and there shall you return. Remember the limitless nature of the universe. The vastness of what lies beyond comprehension.

Do you feel it now? How this moment clicks into place? How big and small it is, all at once? How, at the end of the day, one single truth matters: You love and you are loved.

There is no greater accomplishment or task. Allow the abiding truth of love to grant you perspective for the rest.


Make a list of all the ways you are loved. Make a list of all the ways you love. Fill a page. Keep it where you’ll see it. Let it hold you.

Ecosystem of Union

The Lovers, The Devil (6, 15)

Holy is our battle. Holy are our wounds.

Holy is our strength. Holy is our frailty.

But this battle is not with the outside world. It’s not with a group, not with another person.

This battle is within. It requires self trust. It requires patience.

This battle requires radical self-honesty.

Bravery is required for where you are going. Witness with your heart. Find courage to hold the truth. Hold space for others to do the same.


What inner battle are you waging? Do you need reinforcements?

What wounds are in need of healing? What scabs are you picking at?

Are you being truthful with yourself?  

Ecosystem of Initiation

The Chariot, The Tower (7, 16)

It’s like going through that drawer.

You know the one.

The one where you put random stuff that doesn’t belong elsewhere. The things that don’t make any sense in the drawers where items have a place. But you still know what’s there. That matchbook your friend gave you. The menu from that Chinese food restaurant that closed years ago. The keychain that’s too big for daily use, but it’s just too sparkly to throw it out.

The memories you need live in that part of your brain.

The ones you want will unravel the path you took to this very moment. The memories that don’t make any sense alone, but together illustrate a beautiful fact: That life is not meant to fit into categories. Your story doesn’t have to fit into tidy chapters.

Perhaps it’s best that your life looks a bit like that drawer: Untamed, inexplicable, full.


What memory/memories can help point you toward how you’ve arrived where you are now?

What power might you draw from these experiences by blessing them for what they’ve taught you-- even if the experiences themselves were traumatic?

What power can you draw from the pieces of your life that don’t fit into the story you tell others?

Ecosystem of Hope

Strength, The Star  (8, 17)

Find your medicine.

Find the sidewalks, forest trails, rocky beaches, desert playas, deep baths, warm beds, open waters or overgrown gardens that heal your soul.

Find your medicine.

Find the friend who will hear you, the lover who will hold you, the parental figure who will validate you, the teacher who can help you question what you thought you knew, the student hungry to learn what you are uniquely capable of teaching.

You are surrounded by medicine.


Take daily.


Where is your medicine?

Who helps you rise to the occasion? Who holds you up, holds you accountable, asks for help and offers help in return?


The Hermit, The Moon (9, 18)

“As short as the time 
From Spark to Flame,
So brief may the distance be
Between heart and being.”

- John O’Donoue, “In Praise of Fire”

We need your fire.

We need the illumination only you can bring.

But sometimes it’s hard to summon our flame. Sometimes we forget that the flame inside us connected to Source. Sometimes it’s hard to remember it’s there at all.

If you have lost your connection to this fire, your job is to find kindling.

If you are feeling alight, keep stoking the flame.

Where you have the ability, banish lethargy.

With each new day, find your celebration.


When have you felt alive ?

Where is your fire?

What illumination comes from your inner flame?

Until next time,

- Sara

Sara Holodnick