Poemscopes for the Month of April

Six of Cups, Mesquite Tarot

Six of Cups, Mesquite Tarot

Poemscopes are brief poem-horoscopes inspired by a tarot card, with prompts for creation or contemplation.

These poem horoscopes are here for inspiration, reflection and intention. Let them sit with your heart. Take what you need and leave the rest. I recommend reading your sun, ascendant and moon signs if you know them. This month's featured deck: Mesquite Tarot

Ten of Cups, Mesquite Tarot

Ten of Cups, Mesquite Tarot

Collective: 10 of Cups

Are we the universe become conscious?

Are we all tendrils of senses gathering information?

Eyes and ears and noses and fingers and hearts probing the reaches of our physical being, taking in our edges?

When we see our reflection, or wonder who we are, is it the universe gazing into and through us?

Did we ever have a chance?


Five of Arrows, Mesquite Tarot

Five of Arrows, Mesquite Tarot

Aries: Five of Arrows (Five of Swords)

We dedicated the spoils of war.

In a time of peace, Mars was a god of farm and field. As Rome became empire, he became God of War, and a field was named in his honor. The Field of Mars no longer held plants or cattle, but was host to armies and the devotion of what had been plundered.

Could I hold them any higher, these spoils of war? To whom should I dedicate what I have won? How long can I revel in the exuberance of victory?

Perhaps until I remember what I lost to get here. Until I remember what I sacrificed for the upper hand. Until I remember who I climbed over to reach the summit. Until I realize that now I stand alone.

Have you become so focused on the outcome that you’ve forgotten the importance on the process and collaboration necessary to arrive there with integrity? Have you remembered to grow as much as you slay through accomplishment?

Five of Cups, Mesquite Tarot

Five of Cups, Mesquite Tarot

Taurus: 5 of Cups

We once waited for the dark as the stars bloomed.

In some retellings of her ancient myth, the goddess Inanna journeyed to the underworld to see her sister, Ereshkigal. She slowly disrobed herself of her regalia at each gate, stripping herself bare only to be killed by Ereshkigal upon her arrival. Left to rot on a meat hook, she is resurrected and regains the adornments she had left behind at each gate as she makes her ascent.

I held them all up for so long, the scars of my past. I celebrated my wounds like ceremony, built them an altar and held them in my gaze. I poured them into containers and kept them safe. Surely they would nourish me?

Catching flies and dust, they evaporated into the air, until what was left was sour concentrate of my pain. How freeing it felt to dump them over and find that new, empty cups were there to fill with what might truly quench me.

What hurt is blocking your way? What desire can clear a path forward?

Gemini: The World

We believed in a great sea that separated us from the beyond.

Mercury, the messenger, ferried souls of the dead across that ocean to eternity, tended to the border that separated the Here from the After. He unified these two worlds by residing in the space between them. All was one with him.

My many parts make me whole.

When I know myself as complete, I am reborn. When I know myself as complete, I find synchronicity with others. When I know myself as complete, I am in union with mystery.

How can you honor the parts of your life where you are in between? How can you thank those parts for making you whole? How can you claim your own path?

The World, Mesquite Tarot

The World, Mesquite Tarot

Four of Arrows, Mesquite Tarot

Four of Arrows, Mesquite Tarot

Cancer: Four of Arrows (Four of Swords)

We honored the crossroads.

Some said that above earth she was Luna, on earth she was Diana, in the underworld and Proserpine. Hecate was them all.

No matter her form, she always held the night in embrace. Unimpeded, she stood at threshold. Unafraid, she gazed into shadow.

Her light slowly wanes, and, like the huntress, I lay down my arrows. I lay down my arrows with intent and allow myself to be held in sacred rest. Not defeat. Not exhaustion. I bring myself to quiet repose to care for the depths that no one can embrace but me.


How might I better receive sacred rest? What do I do to care for myself?

Knower of Wands, Mesquite Tarot

Knower of Wands, Mesquite Tarot

Leo: Knower of Wands (Queen of Wands)

We observe the light.

Before it blooms, sunflower follows the arc of the sun. Craning its neck, the bud of the flower keeps observes the light daily before resetting eastward in the dark of night. Once the flowers burst open, the heads remain facing East, their faces lit daily by the rising sun.

I am here to be seen.

The energy inside has been bubbling, waiting, watching. I have watched and listened. I am deeply rooted. I open to possibility and bring my whole self forward in bold vulnerability. I am aligned with the light.

How are you stepping out into you power? How can you harness this power for good?

Six of Arrows, Mesquite Tarot

Six of Arrows, Mesquite Tarot

Virgo: Six of Arrows (Six of Wands)

We honored the great depths.

Mercury ferried the dead to the gates of the underworld. Passengers crossed these strange waters, leaving behind the land of the living for the mystery of the great Beyond. Patient Mercury, rowing forward only to retrace his path on his return for more souls. Floating above the unseen. Bridging the unknown. Holding the in-between space. Making his home there.

The water is deep and my boat is small. I am oarless. Marooned. Lost.


The water is deep and my boat is steady. Propelled by the wind. Urged by the current. I feel the power beneath me. I do not need to fear the waters ahead. Longing brought me here.


What fears have kept you from moving forward? What trust has freed you to act? What journey are you embarking on?

Six of Pentacles, Mesquite Tarot

Six of Pentacles, Mesquite Tarot

Libra: 6 of Pentacles

We planted more than we needed.

It was believed that Inanna, Queen of the Earth, brought abundance and life-giving nourishment to her people. Goddess of grain and fig, olive and apple, the towers of her temples overflowed with donations of food to be shared by everyone in the community.

My hands are here to offer help. My hands can only hold so much. My hands are never truly empty. My treasures-- that which I’ve earned, that which I have been given, that which I’ve yet to receive-- hold the value I give them.

May I be grateful for my treasures. May I find the balance of security and generosity. May I free myself from the lack I’ve known. May I write a new story.

What beliefs do you hold that leave you feeling empty? What can you share to feel full? How might your perspective shift if you released old stories about money/security? What does “enough” feel like?

Student of Wands, Mesquite Tarot

Student of Wands, Mesquite Tarot

Scorpio: Student of Wands (Knight of Wands)

We prayed.

God of War, God of the Field. Mars, the Indelible, with shield and spear. Guardian. Protector. Destroyer. Producer. In times of peace, people would pray to Mars to shield their grain and flocks, to protect their household. In times of war, those same farmers became warriors, praying to Mars for strength.

I hold the fire.

Candlelight and wildfire, I understand its power. I worship at the altar of its creation. I hold sacred the blaze of passion and inspiration. I cast my gaze on a future that crackles like fire in a hearth. I pray through action.

What are you creating? What can you clear out of the way to make room for inspiration? What is your next step for action?

Six of Wands, Mesquite Tarot

Six of Wands, Mesquite Tarot

Sagittarius: Six of Wands

We were whole unto ourselves.

Apollo, hit by the arrow of love, chased after Daphne with predatory fervor. She had been hit by an arrow of revulsion, but it only revealed what she’d already known to be true: She longed to remain virgin. Not chaste, but whole unto herself. Full and complete on her own-- unfettered. She begged Gaia for help, and it was she who turned Daphne into a laurel tree. Spurned, Apollo wore a crown made of her branches.*

My victory is not linear, but I did not arrive here by mistake.
My victory is not obvious, but I have earned every scar.

I fashion my own crown, for my victory is mine.
I fashion my own crown, for I belong to myself.

I hold my crown for all to see so I may relish in my power.
I hold my crown for all to see so I may light the way for others.



In what ways are you whole unto yourself, regardless of your relationship status? How do you example your self-possession for others?


*Daphne had to be turned into a tree to claim her personhood... And still doesn't get to be associated with the the laurel wreath?

Three of Cups, Mesquite Tarot

Three of Cups, Mesquite Tarot

Capricorn: 3 of Cups

We found ourselves in the water.

We According to ancient Libyan myths, the goddess Anatha was birthed by rising from the waters of Lake Tritonis. The Moon Goddess had three aspects: Neith (New Moon Warrior who inspires courage), Metis (Full Moon Mother of wisdom) and Medusa (Dark Moon Goddess, crone).  Translations of ancient temple inscriptions describe the aspects of this powerful triple goddess:

"I am the things that are, that will be, and that have been. No one has ever laid open the garment by which I am hidden. The fruit I brought forth was the sun."

“I have come from Myself. I am all that has been and that will be, and no mortal has yet been able to lift the veil that covers me.”



Here, in the water, I birth myself.

I’ve surfaced from the depths and feel the sun hit my face. I am surrounded by strength and love, my heart held aloft by my sisters as I get to know my new reflection. Naked yet protected, we bask in the water together.


What new you are you giving birth to? Who are are the beloved who have helped you? How can you celebrate your achievement?

Aquarius: Strength

We weather the seasons.

Uranus sits at a 98 degree angle with respect to its orbit. It takes 84 Earth-years for Uranus to traverse the Sun. One half of the planet is in sun for the entirety of its 21-year Summer. The other half is in total darkness.

I have taken my time.

My heart has lived through volumes of light and dark. Each page of my journey has led me to this moment. I can hold myself in compassion as I reflect on my past. Beyond fear, beyond ego, I am poised to rewrite the stories that held me hostage. I am ready.

What part of your past can you hold with love? What new chapter are you ready to begin? What have you been waiting for?

Strength, Mesquite Tarot

Strength, Mesquite Tarot

Ten of Pentacles, Mesquite Tarot

Ten of Pentacles, Mesquite Tarot

Pisces: Ten of Pentacles

Even the ground was alive.

Some of our ancestors believed that earthquakes were caused by the restless rumblings of sleeping gods hidden in the depths of the earth. Poseidon, God of the Sea and precursor to Neptune, was also known as Earthshaker. Greek myth held that it was he who caused quakes by striking the ground with his great Trident.

Today I am anchored.

Today I feel connected to the solidness beneath my depths. Today I find the magic in the mundane, see the hope within the chaos, know the brilliance of the world around me. I am tethered to love.

Where do you find grounding? What magic are you missing? What connection makes you feel alive?

Thank you for reading!

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