Poemscopes for the Month of August

I offer these Poemscopes in the hopes that they help provide an opportunity to hold space for reflection, healing and growth.

Here’s what you’ll find in your Poemscopes this month:

  • Word: The theme for your learning/expanding this month, drawn from the Sweet/Nothing Oracle.

  • Poem: An aspect of this theme to learn from/meditate on this month (this time in the form of haiku).

  • Prompts: To inspire journaling, tarot readings or creation around the theme.

As always: These poemscopes are here for inspiration, reflection and intention. Let them sit with your heart. Take what you need and leave the rest. In addition to reading your sun (and ascendant and moon signs, if you know them) I recommend reading the Collective poemscope that focuses on a common theme.

This Month's Words

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Collective: 32. succumb
Aries: 26. foundation
Taurus: 15. epiphany
Gemini: 23. sight
Cancer: 13. battle
Leo: 14. undone
Virgo: 11. held
Libra: 29. night
Scorpio: 20. fire
Sagittarius: 27. open
Capricorn: 25. wishes
Aquarius: 10. water
Pisces: 25. skin



Collective: 32. succumb

Blessed are they who
sever themselves from sin and
honor breath instead.


  • What oppressive beliefs do we cling to? What would it look like to let them go?
  • What does our moral compass look like?
  • What if we treated breath as sacred?


Aries: 26. foundation

Don’t mind the quake, love:
Broken glass and caving walls
need a place to fall.

  • What disruption or chaos are am I enduring/about to endure?
  • What foundation have a build that is keeping me steady?
  • How am I a doula for change? Who can I lean on when I need a doula?

Taurus: 15. epiphany

What if-- instead of
making love-- our electric
touch meant we make truth?


  • How does my body send me signals of truth?
  • How can I treat my relationships with others-- especially the physical ones-- as opportunities for being authentic in my body?
  • What do I need to feel strong and present in my body?


Gemini: 23. sight

Show me the way with
my eyes closed. Let me feel the
rough edges of sight.


  • What might be revealed to me if I stop seeking so intently?
  • How might I shift my perspective through experimenting with my senses?
  • Am I practicing stillness?


Cancer: 13. battle

Let not love become
a weapon. Let not hate be
language of this land.


  • When do I use love as a weapon?
  • Do I hold onto my feelings until they can be used against others?
  • How do I define love?


Leo: 14. undone

Sun: Unravel me.
Unfurled ribbons of light, let
my dance lead the way.

  • How am I showing up boldly?
  • What healing do I need to show up in the light?
  • How might I offer healing to others by being unraveled?

Virgo: 11. held

Stay, soft boundaries of
my heart. No plan can hold the
true breadth of my love.


  • Where can I find room for flexibility right now?
  • Would softening some boundaries bring me more joy?
  • How can I better and more fully express my love?


Libra: 29. night

Stars reveal themselves
when the veil of atmosphere
is lifted at night.


  • What wisdom is revealed in the dark of night?
  • What self-imposed limitations keep me small?
  • How might I shift my perspective by paying attention to the world at night?


Scorpio: 20. fire

Birch, elder, oak, myrrh.
My pyre is ready to burn.
Let me light the match.


  • What needs to be set free?
  • What am I preparing to let go?
  • How can I bring ceremony to the transformation to come?


Sagittarius: 27. open

My heart longs to be
exposed in my chest, beating
bold invitation.

  • Am I being honest about my feelings with myself? With others?
  • Who do I trust with my exposed heart?
  • What would need to change for me to be more open with my feelings?

Capricorn: 25. wishes

Tell me your dreams and
I’ll sing them back to you so
we can make them true.


  • What am I dreaming of? What do I want, even if it feels impossible?
  • Who can help me sing my dreams to life?
  • What healing might I bring the world through pursuing my dreams?


Aquarius: 10. water

I’ll fill this pitcher
until the stream runs dry. May
we never know thirst.


  • Do I feel full or empty right now?
  • What practices do I have for replenishing me when I feel dry/lost?
  • Am I filling my cup before I try to help others?


Pisces: 25. skin

What if my skin is
a portal-- a tether-- that
joins me to the air?

  • What limitations am I imposing on myself right now?
  • How might things change if I saw myself as expansive?
  • What helps me feel capable?
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