Poemscopes for the Month of July

I’m working behind-the-scenes to develop a fresh take on horoscopes in the hopes of offering wisdom that sparks reflection and opportunities for growth as opposed to leaning on prediction. July’s Poemscopes are brief to make room for what’s developing, but I offer them here in the hopes that they help provide an anchor for grounding yourself this month.

Here’s what you’ll find in your Poemscopes this month:

  • Word: The theme for your learning/expanding this month, drawn from the Sweet/Nothing Oracle.

  • Poem: An aspect of this theme to learn from/meditate on this month (this time in the form of haiku).

  • Prompts: To inspire journaling, tarot readings or creation around the theme.

As always: These poemscopes are here for inspiration, reflection and intention. Let them sit with your heart. Take what you need and leave the rest. In addition to reading your sun (and ascendant and moon signs, if you know them) I recommend reading the Collective poemscope that focuses on a common theme.

This Month's Words

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Collective: 27. open
Aries: 13. arrow
Taurus: 28. remember
Gemini: 28. suffocating
Cancer: 23. hide
Leo: 33. drift
Virgo: 21. redemption
Libra: 7. ash
Scorpio: 13. wounds
Sagittarius: 18. layers
Capricorn: 29. rise
Aquarius: 16. heartbeats
Pisces: 7. remnants


Collective: 27. open

Opening to the
sun, flowers don’t bloom without
first rising from dirt.

  • What truths must we acknowledge before we can find solutions?
  • What can we heal by being open?
  • What would it look like if we measured success by how many of us moved forward instead of by how far the few were able to leap ahead?

Aries: 13. arrow

My quiver is full,
but what good are arrows if
I have no target?

  • What are my hopes or goals? What are my targets?
  • How do I envision moving forward? What are my arrows?
  • Do I need to refocus or choose a new path?

Taurus: 28. remember

I forgot that my
memories are rooms, not the
ghosts who dwell in them.

  • What compassion might I offer my past self if I sit with them in the room of a memory instead of judging the ghosts of their decisions?
  • What can I heal by remembering?
  • What lessons can I remember that would help me grow right now?

Gemini: 28. suffocating

Oceans dance with the
moon in an ebb so soft we
forget that they breathe.

  • What tension is causing me to feel suffocated, choked, cut off?
  • What can I heal by breathing?
  • What lessons can I learn from the tides?

Cancer: 23. hide

When will I learn that
there’s no shell big enough to
truly hide my heart?

  • How can I open myself to be more vulnerable with those who matter?
  • What healing can come from sharing my heart?
  • What safety am I trying to accomplish through hiding? Is there another way?

Leo: 33. drift

I am the water;
I am the raft; I am set
free without my oars.

  • Where am I stifling possibility through my plans?
  • What healing can come from allowing myself time to drift?
  • Is it possible to relinquish some control without becoming aimless?

Virgo: 21. redemption

A prayer: May I
trust that I owe nothing just
because I was born.

  • In what ways do I forget that I don’t have to earn my existence?
  • What healing might I find through forgiving myself?
  • How can I help others remember that they are enough as they are?

Libra: 7. ash

When mixed with water,
the remnants of fire can be
transformed into soap.

  • What “ashes” in my life can be transformed into something new?
  • What healing or cleansing might I find in the ash?
  • How might I change my perspective on what I’ve lost or said goodbye to?

Scorpio: 13. wounds

Take heed: Broken skin
heals from the inside out, and
from the edges in.

  • What unhealed wounds lie under what I thought was broken?
  • What healing can come from digging deeper?
  • How might I learn healing from my body?

Sagittarius: 18. layers

Every layer I
pull back reveals that there is
always another.

  • How can I celebrate the perpetual cycle of getting to know myself?
  • What healing can come from knowing my layers?
  • How might I help others find adventure in peeling away their own layers?

Capricorn: 29. rise

The oceans rise as
smoke does, but I do not fear
for I rise as well.

  • What can I accomplish if I trust my ability to adapt to difficult situations?
  • What healing can I learn from things that rise?
  • What opportunities reveal themselves if I look beyond fear into my strength?

Aquarius: 16. heartbeats

May I remember:
My heartbeats are the only
metronome I need.

  • How do I undermine my own success by comparing it to others?
  • What healing can come from tuning into my heartbeats?
  • What wisdom might I find if I spend uninterrupted time with my heartbeat everyday?

Pisces: 7. remnants

What potential lies
in the scraps, the leftovers,
the mismatched pieces?

  • What opportunities might I find if I revisit ideas I had once discarded?
  • What can I heal with the remnants of my past?
  • What wisdom or healing can I help others find by shifting their perspective about scraps and remnants?

Sara Holodnick