Poemscopes for the Week of March 26

Collage by Sara Galactica.

Collage by Sara Galactica.

Poemscopes are brief poem-horoscopes inspired by a tarot card, plus a prompt for creation or contemplation.

These poem horoscopes are here for inspiration, reflection and intention. Let them sit with your heart. Take what you need and leave the rest. I recommend reading your sun, ascendant and moon signs. Featured deck: The Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert. 

"The Seeker," The Gaian Tarot

Collective Theme: The Seeker (The Fool)

We feel something starting.

When the remembering began it was all we could do to take in the road before us. We’ve held it inside so long that we forgot we could try. How far can we make it if we refuse to walk alone?


"Temperance," The Gaian Tarot

Aries: Temperance

I’m holding these pieces in tension.

Pieces of myself, of the world around me. Parts that some might say have no business being held together. I hold them because contradiction isn’t weakness. Competing truths aren’t enemies. But they must be truths, and I must hold them with integrity.


Prompt: What contradictions make you stronger?

"Four of Air," The Gaian Tarot

Taurus: Four of Air (Four of Swords)

I give birth to my fears.

I don’t judge them. I let them rest, nestled. Incubating. I behold them with the warmth of my loving gaze. Soon we will hatch. Unburdened, I will fly.


Prompt: What fear can you transmute?


Gemini: Guardian of Earth (Queen of Pentacles)

I worked the earth.

I planted, I watered, I plucked the weeds. I waited so long my doubts nearly overcame my hope, but now I see the promise of my work. When it is ready, what I’ve grown will nourish my community and strengthen our bodies, hearts and spirits for the road ahead.


Prompt: What are you growing that will nourish the collective?

"Guardian of Earth," The Gaian Tarot

"Five of Air," Gaian Tarot

Cancer: Five of Air (Five of Pentacles)

When I get stuck in my head I forget that I can feel my heart.

When I allow fear to lead, I forget that it is willing to lie to get my attention. Today I remind myself that rooms have doors for a reason. I put the noise in its place. I can feel my heart.


Prompt: What boundaries need strengthening so you can focus on what matters?

Leo: Five of Earth (Five of Pentacles)

I haven’t been left behind.

I haven’t been forgotten. I haven’t failed. I haven’t missed my chance. My spirit is diminished when I dwell in my darkest places. Today I honor my shelter. Today I remember the warmth. Today I offer thanks for infinite possibility.


Prompt: What are all of the ways you are (and have) enough?

"Five of Earth," Gaian Tarot

"Nine of Fire," Gaian Tarot

Virgo: Nine of Fire (Nine of Wands)

I cradle great power with dignity.

The energy flows in my system when I take time to witness it. My work and purpose feel alive when I am connected to my power. All I must do is close my eyes. All I must feel is what I feel. All I must do is what I’ve been given power to do.


Prompt: How does feeling in “alignment” impact your contributions to our world?

"The Canoe," The Gaian Tarot

Libra: The Canoe (The Chariot)

The water is vast.

I’d almost given up. But something changed under the surface. It crested its head above the water and sent ripples beneath me. It rose above my head and flapped a rhythm like the strokes of my oar. I’m the only one in this boat, but I’m far from alone.


Prompt: Who can help you reach your goal?

"Eight of Earth," The Gaian Tarot

Scorpio: Eight of Earth (Eight of Pentacles)

I am cracking myself open.

I am allowing myself to be seen. I pass on what I know and encourage my students’ wisdom to come through. We create together. We take up space together. Rich layers bring depth to a song that once felt flat. I feel lightning in my palms.


Prompt: What skills are you sharing for the betterment of us all?

Sagittarius: Seven of Fire (Seven of Wands)

I’ve spent too long waiting.

My hands ache with longing to create. I thought the fire had faded, but I feel it now in the pit of my stomach. The iron is hot, my hammer is ready. Did I forget that I, too, was forged in flame?


Prompt: What creative practice can you revisit or revive?  

"Seven of Earth," The Gaian Tarot

"The Teacher," The Gaian Tarot

Capricorn: The Teacher (The Hierophant)

Deeply rooted, she holds me steady.

All my seasons of change and I’m back here, pulling myself to the ground that I might find the strength she drinks from the earth. I am a great many things, but today I am student to her ways. What she wouldn’t give to stand tall.


Prompt: What roots you?

Aquarius: Three of Fire (Three of Wands)

My body is a container.

I fill it to the brim with power. I let it overflow through the sway of my hips, the softening of my eyes, the deep thrum in the center of my chest. I allow my body to be a conduit for my power. I bring my power wherever I go. I fan my own flame.


Prompt: How do you use your body to express your inner strength and power?

"Three of Fire," The Gaian Tarot

"Elder of Air," The Gaian Tarot

Pisces: Elder of Air (King of Swords)

I sat alone until I heard my song.

The wind whispered it into my ear. I hummed it in return, created harmonies with the breeze. Every note released my truth into the world, and I felt at home in its beauty. I gave voice to my truth, and it is a healing salve for the world. My truth soars.


Prompt: How do you share your truth?

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