Code of Ethics + Privacy/Terms of Use

Time spent in tarot or spiritual exploration is sacred, and I support the unique journey of every individual. I value:

  • Hospitality: It is important to me that you feel valued and welcome.

  • Presence: When you are with me, I am with you.

  • Non-judgment: Your path is unique, and how you walk it is your choice.

  • Contemplation: I value the space within silence.

  • Authenticity: I am committed to supporting the values and practices that are meaningful to you.

Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only.

While tarot readings are widely used as a form of self-reflection and improvement, they are ultimately viewed as a form of entertainment.

+ Code of Ethics

  • I hold safe, sacred space for readings. My sessions are compassionate, focused on what you can do to bring wholeness into your life, and are therefore free from judgment.
  • I will not give medical, legal or financial advice. Tarot readings are not a substitute for professional help. I am not a doctor, lawyer or accountant. If you are struggling with mental health or other concerns, please seek care from a licensed medical professional.

  • I do not offer “yes/no” answers, fortune telling, or prediction. I am not a psychic or a medium. While I believe that tarot can offer potential outcomes of a situation, these are all based on what you choose to do. I can help you process your past or present and how that might impact your future, but what comes next is up to you. Scroll to learn more about asking questions.

  • Just to make it clear: You have free will. Whatever is uncovered during a reading, it is important to remember that your life is in your hands. Any actions taken as a result of a session are your responsibility.

  • Tarot is subject to interpretation. Readings, courses and other opportunities provided are done so with the understanding that each person brings their own perspective to a reading.

  • I do not read for third parties. Sessions are about you and your life. I will not examine someone else’s life without their consent. I am happy to explore your relationships with others, but only as they pertain to you and your path.

  • Your privacy is important to me. Your reading is confidential unless you choose to share it with others. I will not share the details of your identity or your reading without your consent. I will always do my best to ensure your privacy, but by requesting an online reading you acknowledge that I am not liable for any security breach to emails or other third party tools utilized to deliver them.

  • I reserve the right to refuse any reading if it goes against personal or professional ethics.

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