Sweet/Nothing Oracle Deck Set

Sweet/Nothing Oracle Deck Set

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The Sweet/Nothing Oracle is a first-of-it’s-kind word-based deck derived from original works of poetry.

Design Options

Starburst: The backs of this deck feature original line drawing by Sweet/Nothing creator, Sara Holodnick.

Constellation (ON SALE): The backs of this deck features “Golden Gate,” a constellation inspired by the Sweet/Nothing poetry collection by artist and Soul Catalyst, Christina Miglino. This is the original, limited-edition design featured on the Kickstarter campaign that launched the deck.


Each set includes one 77-card deck (2.75”x4.75”), 22”x22” lightweight white floral bandana, and 5”x8” chapbook-style poetry guidebook complete with useful spreads.

Behind the Design

The faces of the cards were minimally designed using my 1930s Remington Noiseless Portable typewriter. The quirks in the type— such as letter “shadows”— are all part of this vintage typewriter’s unique charm.


Each deck is tucked safely into a bubble mailer and shipped domestically and internationally via USPS First Class mail (standard shipping). Shipments are typically sent out weekly on Tuesdays. Order by 5PM PST on Mondays to make that week’s shipment.

Need it sooner? Drop me a line and I’ll do my best to accommodate you!

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