Spiritual Exploration

Regardless of belief or non-belief. Available in-person or via voice, video, letters or emails.

Spirituality may feel like unfriendly territory to some seekers, especially those who:

  • Have grown up outside of mainstream religious traditions,

  • Struggle to find spiritual connection outside of theism,

  • Have chosen to leave (or have been rejected by) the religious traditions we were born into,

  • Are drawn to their ancestors’ practices but aren’t sure how to incorporate them into modern life,

  • Or who have experienced religious/spiritual trauma.

Some of us may not have a language for spirit or divine connection that feels healthy. And those of us who are more comfortable with spirituality and religion may not have found a connection that feels quite right. If you’re struggling to find practices that feel authentic and meaningful, you aren’t alone… And I’m here to help.

Spiritual Exploration (aka Spiritual Direction) sessions are tailored to each seeker’s unique needs, making them suitable for people of all backgrounds, regardless of their religious or non-religious beliefs.

SPOILER ALERT: I’m not here to bestow answers upon you. That’s just not my jam. But I am here to support the process of establishing spiritual practices that are true to your own unique experiences and values, like a travel guide who can offer safe passage through unfamiliar terrain.

As someone who grew up outside of mainstream religion, I’m uniquely suited to walk with those who are clearing and claiming their own path no matter what traditions they find themselves drawn to. The purpose of this work is to make space for seekers of any background to find connection to something larger than themselves. Some of us have words of reverence when describing this “something,” including:

The Universe, God, Lord, Allah, YHWH, Great Spirit, Higher Power, Mystery, Sunyata, Brahman, Tao, Divine, Sacred, Holy, Almighty, Ultimate, the Beyond, Intimate, Abba, Nirvana, Wisdom, Source, Vishnu, Creator, Enlightenment, Higher Self, Interconnection, Holy One, All, the Cosmos, etc…

And some of us don’t have (or aren’t interested in) a language for that. That’s cool, too. Spiritual Exploration sessions are the space for us to find what does work and get comfortable with compassionately leaving the rest behind.

Curious about Spiritual Exploration?

This work is deep and requires a lot of trust, so I think it’s pretty important to make sure that we’re a good fit. I offer a free introduction so we can communicate about what this process might look like. If we feel comfortable with each other, we can formalize our arrangement. And if not? No harm done.

I offer Spiritual Exploration in the following modalities:

  • In-person: At my office in Bellingham, WA

  • Voice/Video: Via Zoom, Skype or a phone call

  • Epistolary: Via letter writing (yep, snail mail!) or emails

My current rates

If you’re thinking this might be for you, you probably want to know if it fits in your budget, amiright? Here’s what’s what:

  • In-person or Voice/Video: $75 per session (monthly or bi-weekly, minimum 3-month agreement)

  • Epistolary (letters/email): $75 per month (minimum 3-month agreement)

Into it? Let’s do this shit.

book your free introduction now

For an epistolary (letters/email) arrangement, send an email to hello @ saragalactica.com.

For in-person, voice or video arrangements use the scheduler below:

Good to know

I am not a licensed medical professional, and spiritual exploration is not the same thing as therapy or counseling. Read more in my Code of Ethics.