2018 Tarot Outlook: Custom Guidance and Intention-Setting for the Year Ahead


2018 Tarot Outlook: Custom Guidance and Intention-Setting for the Year Ahead

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Each New Year brings an opportunity to reflect on where we've come from and point our arrow toward where we want to head next. 

Are you reframing or revisiting your work? Struggling with where to focus your energy? Know where you want to go but can't seem to plot a course to get there? The 2018 Tarot Overview will help you find clarity. 

This isn't a forecast for predicting your future: It's a forecast for building your future. Your readings will include insight that will help you hone the areas to focus on and release each month, while encouraging you to engage with and trust your intuition and inner wisdom. And since the readings will be emailed to you (along with photos of the cards), you'll be able to easily reference it anytime. 

Included in your 2018 Tarot Overview:

  • Spread One: Important lessons from 2017
  • Spread Two: Major themes for 2018 (including insight gained through your birth and year cards)
  • Spread Three: Tarot guidance for where to focus and release your energy during each of 2018's 12 lunar cycles.
  • Intention-setting ritual specific to your goals and tarot cards

Want to connect to chat about your reading and ask questions? Add a 30-minute call and I'll contact you to schedule a conversation once you've had a chance to process and review. 

Each 2018 Tarot Outlook is tailored specifically to you and what you want to bring into your life. 

Because of that, I'm only offering 12 of these readings. And once they're gone that's it. 


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This package will be emailed to you/your gift recipient by December 27th to allow plenty of time to prepare for the New Year ritual. 

Collage by Sara Galactica.

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Disclaimer: I provide tarot reading services, which offer insight for people seeking to examine their life and overcome challenges of their own free will. These services are not predictive and do not guarantee 100% accuracy. Your tarot reading is confidential unless you choose to share it. 

Tarot readings occasionally bring up strong emotions, and by purchasing this reading you indicate that you feel stable enough to handle those emotions. Tarot reading is a non-licensed practice. I am not a licensed physician or medical practitioner, and I do not offer medical diagnosis. With your purchase you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to seek medical or psychiatric help if the need arises.