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Cocktail Round Up: 5 Drinks for Spring Dreaming

I collect a lot of cocktail recipes. It's my opinion that, in order to create good drinks, you've got to: a.) Try lots of drinks, b.) Be curious about how flavors work together, and c.) Be willing to learn from others. The internet is a goldmine for good recipes, but like anything else, there's a lot of crap to sift through. I figured it might be nice to do some of that sifting for you, since I'm at it already anyway.

Our little corner of the Pacific Northwest is feeling strangely Spring-y already, but Washington weather has a funny way of knocking you down a couple pegs just when you think the season is changing. Sunshine happens in February, and we tend to accept the Vitamin D with open arms... But I, for one, also give it a bit of side-eye:

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