Cocktail recipe: Audrey Horne.

This drink is so simple I hesitate to even call this a recipe. That sounds so formal. Like there are steps and measurements and a planned outcome when you start. This drink was unplanned. It happened on a whim when I remembered those cherries I bought at the farm stand, the rye whiskey tucked up on top of the refrigerator where I'm staying, and the honey bear on the counter. It all became so clear. These things were made for each other, I just needed to introduce them. I knew they'd take it from there. I didn't even get around to taking a final glamour shot of this drink. I got as far as the muddle:

It occurred to me after making this cocktail that I didn't have any particular story inspiration in mind when I began. This happens sometimes. I don't always set-out to make a drink based on a character or place. Sometimes it just happens after the fact, and sometimes I just make a damn drink because I want to. This one, however, was in need of a name. I mean, look at it! So I started to think about the sexy, more-complex-than-they-seem characters in my story repertoire, and...

Enter Audrey Horne:

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She's that sexy weirdo on Twin Peaks that, if you're anything like me, you started out kinda hating and then ended up feeling oddly protective over. And we all remember the cherry stem scene, right?

This drink is a sexy weirdo just like Audrey, one you'll definitely feel a little protective over once you have a taste.

How to make it:

Grab 5-6 gorgeous, sweet red cherries. Remove the stems and toss 'em into your glass. Drizzle about a tablespoon of honey over top. Muddle the cherries and honey until the fruit is broken down a bit, and the juices from the cherries have dissolved the honey. Don't worry about the pits, darlin'. You'll drink right around 'em.

Top it all off with an ounce or two of rye whiskey. Bulleit is my standard at home, but you grab what you like, sugar. Pour it on in, add some ice, and stir until just combined. Sit. Drink. Swoon.

Yes, Audrey. It really is.

Actual out.