Cocktail Round Up: 5 Drinks for Spring Dreaming

I collect a lot of cocktail recipes. It's my opinion that, in order to create good drinks, you've got to: a.) Try lots of drinks, b.) Be curious about how flavors work together, and c.) Be willing to learn from others. The internet is a goldmine for good recipes, but like anything else, there's a lot of crap to sift through. I figured it might be nice to do some of that sifting for you, since I'm at it already anyway.

Our little corner of the Pacific Northwest is feeling strangely Spring-y already, but Washington weather has a funny way of knocking you down a couple pegs just when you think the season is changing. Sunshine happens in February, and we tend to accept the Vitamin D with open arms... But I, for one, also give it a bit of side-eye:

Cocktail round-up: 5 drinks for spring dreaming

That said, I'm already craving some of my favorite Spring treats and light drinks. Here are five cocktails (and a favorite snack) to plan for as the seasons change:

Cocktail round-up: 5 drinks for Spring dreaming

1. Rhubarb, Grapefruit and Thyme cocktail

by Top with Cinnamon 

This post includes a recipe for a delicious looking rhubarb, grapefruit & thyme syrup, which is then combined with vodka and grapefruit juice. Doesn't it look delicious?

Rhubarb, grapefruit & thyme cocktail by Top with Cinnamon

I'd wager this would be good with gin instead of vodka, too...

2. The Bootleg Cocktail

by Cookie and Kate

In this recipe, lemon, lime, mint and agave are blended into a Bootleg mix, and then combined with gin & club soda. How could you go wrong?

Bootleg Cocktail by Cookie and Kate

Little flecks of goodness are all up in there. The recipe says you can use vodka, gin or whiskey. I'll bet rum would be a nice choice, too!

3. Angostura Sour

by Lottie + Doof

Remember my White Tulip from a couple weeks ago? Well, if you were intrigued by the idea of egg white cocktails, here's another one for you to add to your To Drink list. Egg whites, Angostura, lime and simple syrup are combined to get this frothy little cocktail. You read that right: Angostura is the only alcohol in this drink. I can't wait to give this one a shot (pun intended).

Angostura Sour by Lottie + Doof

Doesn't that look light & lovely? This one looks perfect for those of us who are moody regardless of the season.

4. The Bee's Knees

by Jennifer Rose Smith (Camille Styles)

Honey, lemon, Hendrick's gin (swoon) and orange garnish yield the sweetest looking little cocktail. Just look at how precious it is:

The Bee's Knees by Jennifer Rose Smith

I'm jonesing hard for Meyer lemons right now. How good would Meyer lemon juice be in this? SO good.

Also: I need some of those adorable cloth cocktail napkins!

5. Cold Brew Bourbon Cocktail

by A Better Happier St. Sebastian 

Spring and Summer in the Pacific Northwest = Cold brew season. Some people never stop drinking the stuff, which is also legit, but I definitely crave a cup of cold brewed coffee more as the ground defrosts.

This drink is the manlier counterpart to The Lorelai, and is also right up my alley. Bourbon, coffee, heavy cream, and simple syrup? Yes. Please.

Cold Brew Bourbon Cocktail by A Better Happier St. Sebastian


Forget Spring, I want one of these right now!

Food Bonus: Radishes + butter on baguette with flaky sea salt

Pretty little radishes.

A few years ago I stumbled upon a post that detailed the simple beauty of a few high quality ingredients left to shine on their own. I can't find the original post now, but if you do a little search on Pinterest you'll find detailed instructions. But really all you need to do is:

  1. Find gorgeous radishes & slice 'em up.
  2. Spread a generous amount of high-quality butter onto slices of your favorite baguette.
  3. Lay the radish slices on top just so and sprinkle with a good, flaky sea salt.
  4. Resist the temptation to stuff them in your face all at once because they are so freaking delicious.
Radishes + butter + flaky salt + baguette.

Get it in your life.

Happy Spring dreaming!

Actual out.

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