Day 22/33 of the Galactic Challenge

When I started thinking about running a challenge, the motivation was simple: Let's make something. 

It's easy to talk myself out of making things sometimes: I have important things to do, I'm not feeling very motivated, I'm tired, I've got obligations & responsibilities, I just want to turn my brain off for a second... There are lots of excuses not to create, and I actually think they're all pretty good ones (good enough to keep me from doing it, anyway). But when I look back on my day, the level of fulfillment I feel is so much higher when I took the time to make something. Even if it didn't take much time at all. 

So I thought it'd be cool to challenge myself to make something for a little over a month, and I figured it might be fun to have others join in. I'm turning 33 this Fall, and it feels like a Very Big Year to me. I want to run another challenge leading up to my birthday, and thought, Why not 33 minutes a day for 33 days?

What I didn't count on was how incredible it would be to see other people make things and include me in that process. I know that not everyone who is participating is doing so publicly, and that's just fine. But between the emails I've received from participants and the photos tagged on Facebook and Instagram, I get this excited little flutter in my core of cores. My friends kids are making things! Authors are writing! Artists & illustrators are drawing! Knitters are knitting! I didn't realize how very powerful it would be to witness the spark in other people. 

I'd like to bottle that feeling and drink it every morning. 

So in celebration of the remaining days of this challenge, I thought it'd be fun to share a little slideshow of things people have made and tagged with the #galacticchallenge tag on Instagram. 

Thank you to all of the challenge participants for jumping in with me, even if you aren't hash-tagging it up. We've got just a few days left, so let's get this. 

Go forth and make something, 


Sara HolodnickComment