Greetings, humans.


I skipped blogging last week to get things in order at work before leaving for Hawaii. There were a number of long days to get everything sorted, but y'all: I'm here.

Even though last week was busy, it was full of lots of great accomplishments. I'll share more on some of those later, but I've had one thing up my sleeve that I've been DYING to tell you all about... And now I can! Here it is:

Sara Galactica Presents...

A Study in Drink

A Sherlock-inspired cocktail series at the Temple Bar in Bellingham, WA!

The Temple Bar hosts this exclusive cocktail demo series, including free screenings of the TV series, Sherlock.

  • When: Sunday, May 18th at 8pm
  • Where: The Temple Bar, 306 W. Champion St.
  • What: Cocktail demo, two tasty themed cocktail samples, complimentary screening of BBC Sherlock’s “A Study in Pink,” and Sherlock BINGO!
  • How much: $10, tickets available for purchase at The Temple Bar (space is limited). Additional drinks and snacks available for purchase at the event.

Visit the Temple Bar to grab your ticket-- space is limited, and this event is going to be so. Much. Fun.