Just pretties.

Let's leave words behind for a just a little bit. I'd rather look at pretties. Here a few glimpses from the garden, my embroidery, and upcoming drinks that haven't left the development stage yet. 

Lemon balm. 

Rain-filled rose blossom.

Above: French knots (left) and lyrics from "The Only Thing" off Sufjan Stevens' Carrie & Lowell (right).

Below: Lyrics from "The Age of Adz" of the Sufjan Stevens album of the same name (left), and Joss Whedon inspired cocktail in development-- Cordelia (right). 

(Embroidery pieces available for purchase soon.)

Above: Two unnamed cocktails in development. A concoction of gin, absinthe, lemon, rose syrup and soda (left); muddled kumquat, lemon, lime, mint, honey, vodka, rose liqueur, and Lillet (right). 

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