Red Jamie: A cocktail inspired by Outlander

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Red Jamie: A cocktail inspired by Outlander. Scotch, gin, port, honey, bitters. |

It's taken me awhile to develop a drink for Jamie. I have one for Claire so far (which, honestly, I think I'll end up revising), and I imagine that I'll have a few for each of them by the time I'm done. Their characters go through so many changes throughout the series that one interpretation is woefully inadequate in my mind.

It seemed obvious to me that Jamie's drink involve scotch whisky, but I knew that it wouldn't be enough on its own. Without getting too spoiler-y, Jamie has reason to interact with vast shipments of alcohol during the series, one of the most notable being port. I added Hendrick's-- a widely available Scottish gin-- to bring more depth and complexity to the party. The result is a play on a Scotch cocktail (in the true, old school cocktail sense). 

This drink is all booze, but please don't let that deter you from trying it. It isn't in-your-face strong. I had my mom (who doesn't like tasting any alcohol, thankyouverymuch) test it for me, and she kept drinking it. It is lightly sweet and well balanced. Drink up, Sassenach. 

Red Jamie: A cocktail inspired by Outlander

A cocktail by Sara Galactica.

  • 1 oz scotch (more on this below)

  • 1 oz Hendrick's gin

  • 1/2 oz (1 tbsp) red port

  • 1/2 oz (1 tbsp) warm water

  • 1 cube (1 tsp) sugar OR 1 tsp honey

  • 3-5 dashes Angostura bitters

Add sugar to the bottom of an empty rocks glass. Add bitters and port over top, stirring until the sugar is dissolved. 

Add scotch and gin, stirring to combine. Fill glass with crushed ice, and stir thoroughly to mix and promote just the right amount of melt (about 50 seconds). If you have it, garnish with heather:

"Heather,” Roger said. “It’s more common in the summer, when the heather is blooming--then you’ll see heaps like that in front of every clan stone. Purple, and here and there a branch of the white heather--the white is for luck, and for kingship; it was Charlie’s emblem, that and the white rose.” {Voyager*}

I used a non-peaty single malt scotch when I made this drink, and it was delicious. Something on the smokier side would likely be pretty sexy, but I didn't test that flavor profile at all. If you've got a good blended scotch on hand, go ahead and use that. And, if you don't have any scotch (shit happens), rye or Irish whiskey could likely work in a pinch.

(... But get some scotch, okay?)

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Oh hey,  Jamie . Hayyyyy. {Image via STARZ}

Oh hey, Jamie. Hayyyyy. {Image via STARZ}

Red Jamie: A cocktail inspired by Outlander. Scotch, gin, port, honey, bitters. |