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Every year we each receive a new tarot card to work with. Some cards show up in our lives over and over again, and some only appear once. But with each card we are gifted the opportunity to accept new growth, integrate old lessons, and fit new experiences into the wholeness of our stories.


start your year from a place of stability by connecting to the wisdom of your yearly archetype through meditation, tarot spreads, sacred art, and personal ceremony.


Connecting to your tarot year card offers a fresh perspective, whether you’ve been divining for years or are just getting to know your deck.

No matter what your experience level, this self-paced workshop will help you make meaningful connections between tarot’s archetypal wisdom and your own life.


working with your tarot year card can help you:

  • Feel more connected to goals and intentions

  • Make sense of opportunities and challenges in the context of the archetype you’re working with 

  • Build a more complex relationship with (and deeply personal interpretation of) the card you’re working with for the year


This workshop includes:

  • Informative videos and a printable worksheet for determining your year card.

  • Space to deepen your unique understanding of this Major Arcana card through guided meditation.

  • A special tarot spread and journal prompts that will help you explore your opportunities for growth through this archetype.

  • Instructions for how to build your very own Year Card altar — including a tutorial, ideas for materials to use, and special suggestions for each Tarot Ecosystem.

  • A new moon ceremony for what to plant & nurture in service of your year card.

  • Early-bird access to my future workshops.

good to know:

A link to all workshop materials will be delivered via email within 24 hours — plus you’ll receive helpful reminder emails and extras to support your journey.

No previous tarot experience necessary — though you will want to have a deck (preferably one based on the Waite-Smith structure) to get the most out of this workshop.


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